Hi, I'm Simon Russell and this is my blog. I'm a motion designer/director based in London.
Main portfolio site and contact details:  simonfarussell.com
Twitter:  @simonfarussell

TEDx Talk posted

Pretty chuffed that Kenny Yek used my work to close his TEDx talk on Holographics

r20 Multi-Instances

I created this little test animation in order to test the new multi-instance functionality in Cinema 4D r20.

Olympics Matte Painting

Digging through an old drive I found this shot I worked on Painting Practice. Basically I had to build the 3D geometry for the beautiful matte painting to be projected onto. This was a backplate for a BBC promo produced by Passion Pictures and Painting Practice.

Pushing Pixels Interview

I talked to Pushing Pixels about my work and other things I'm in no way qualified to discuss. But it was fun. Have a look.

U.S.S Callister/Black Mirror Wins ADG Award

Happy to hear that Joel Collins and Phil Sims picked up the Art Directors Guild award for the Black Mirror episode U.S.S. Callister which I worked on last year. Obviously it was a big team effort from everyone including the team from Painting Practice. My contribution was a bunch of futuristic screen design for the spaceship, Daly's home computer GUI and some of the VR tools at Callister Inc.

New Audio Thingamejigs

I've had these sitting around for ages on my laptop (and so many more) but thought I'd post them and be done! See the whole lot here.

Projecting onto the Smithsonian

I worked on this fairly complex shot for this projection mapping job at the Smithsonian Institute for 59 Productions.  It involved creating a 3D version of Whistler's painting in the Peacock Room.  More to follow soon hopefully.

The Creatures of Prometheus at TED

I was apprached by Kenny Yek to see if he could use a segment of my audio responsive animation The Creatures of Prometheus for his TED talk around holography. I was happy to oblige and the stills I've seen look great. I look forward to seeing the talk in full.

Maxon UK Training Day

I'm really happy to be presenting at this years Maxon UK Training day. My talk is again based around visualising audio is and called 'Sound Sculptures'.  We were asked to supply a poster in the theme of a movie poster as the talks are taking part in a cinema. Below is my effort. It's based on some experiments I've been doing with a harmonograph to visualise sound. 

IBC Talk For Maxon

You can watch my presentation for Maxon at this years IBC conference here. My main focus was the  new Sound Effector in Cinema 4D R17. I tried to cover the basic functionality of the Effector before going into linking Mograph to Xpresso and even venturing into hierarchy nodes and link lists. As ever it was a real pleasure to meet up with team Maxon and the other presenters.

Charlie Puth, Best.Cover.Ever

I designed and animated these visuals for the YouTube series Best.Cover.Ever. You can see it here. The animation was built in After Effects and Cinema 4D. I then re-built the set in Cinema 4D and reprojected the animation so I could accurately visualise and choreograph the animation.

Audio Geometry Explorations at Ars Electronica

The 2017 Ars Electronica Festival are show a selection of my Audio Geometry Explorations at the Hybrid Technologies screenings. Below is a 5 minute edit which they screened.

Camila Cabello Billboard Awards Performance

I worked with Blink TV to produce the video content for Camila Cabello's first solo live performance on the Billboard awards 2017. I created a giant red sun which pulsed to the beat before exploding in a super-nova at the climax of the performance.

Hand Drawn Textures On 3D

I've been drawing some textures and illustrations to use on 3D objects. Here's some of the renders.

Nike Flyknit in the 1948 Store

I helped create this film with Intro. I worked on the middle section, the folding boxes and the meshwork-jellyfish-thing or 'doily from the future' as it came to be known. It was an installation piece for the 1948 store in Shoreditch.